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Xino Recycling is a family owned business dedicated to recycling catalytic converters. With family already well established in the industry for a decade, we opened our company with a head start in 2005. This relationship enabled us to begin day one with the knowledge and buying power that would typically take years to build. Eager to start growing our business and armed with the support of our family, we hit the ground running to begin building a customer base in northeast Texas.

Our belief that no customer is too big or small combined with our strategic partnerships helped us to quickly climb the ranks buying scrap converters. By the end of 2007, we had expanded our routes south to Houston and far enough east to cover nearly half the state of Louisiana. By 2012, the expanse of the Houston market had proven too much to service from Kilgore. We opened a sister company dedicated specifically to the greater Houston area. This allowed us to continue growing our customer base in the north and consistently deliver the customer service our customers expect.

A large percentage of the customers we started with in 2005 are still doing business with us 12 years later in 2017. We look forward to continued success through building lasting relationships with our customers. To learn more about our company, spend some time looking around or just give us a call. We would love to hear from you.

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