Recycling Services

Xino Recycling is dedicated to providing consistently high prices and customer service to all of our customers. In addition to buying automotive catalytic converters, we also purchase diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and industrial catalyst. Below you will find additional information about our recycling services and what we can do for you.

Every buyer in this industry tells you they pay the most. We aren’t just going to tell you we pay the most for catalytic converters. We will tell you how we pay the most. While Xino Recycling is individually one of the largest converter buyers in the south, we are part of a conglomerate. The catalyst recycling industry is not alone in that volume dictates pricing. When you take four of the largest converter recycling companies in the US and combine the volume together, you achieve pricing that is substantially higher, which in turn allows us to pay our customers a higher price. This is not the only benefit. When you have companies of this size sharing information and discussing market trends, you can be sure we are always at the front of evolution within our industry. We are unique in that we combine forces to bring you the most competitive pricing and such a broad information stream.

In recent years, much has changed in the converter recycling industry. There has been a major shift from grouping many different types of converters into categories to pricing out individual units. Almost all companies are using individual code pricing on some level, and it’s largely up to the buyer on what units to purchase by category and which to purchase by code. We have honed our grading over the years to what we believe is the best total grading system out there. We use a combination of categories and codes that will maximize your profits, whether you own a late model auto salvage or a metal recycling business.

Image of scrap spark plugs in a pile

Image of scrap metal showing flow direction

Image of scrap Catalytic Converters in a pile

  • Information and Training – We like to keep you educated and in the know. We can provide catalogs for cat ID and training for existing customers.
  • Location pick up – Inside of our service areas, we can pick up your material at location.
  • Testing and Analysis- Whether you have a single piece or a complete lot, we can test your material to establish a value quickly.
  • Toll Refining- Customers with a monthly volume of one thousand units or more can take advantage of our refining options.
  • Nationwide Shipment – We can arrange shipping from your location to ours nationwide. All payments are made via bank wire the same day the material is received, unless other arrangements are made prior.